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Mechanics by: Jeremiah

Craig teaches Jeremiah engine overhaul.

Craig teaches Jeremiah engine overhaul.

Dad is a great mechanic, and has sought over the years to impart some of his skill to each of us. My introduction to mechanics was through small engines. Dad bought a Briggs & Stratton lawn mower service guide, and proceeded to teach me about repairing them. Although I never caught all the details of repair, I did gain some mechanical skill. In the process he helped me repair several dozen lawn mowers. Since that time I have only done a small amount of mechanical work. Dad regularly includes all of us boys when he is repairing a family vehicle, so each of us will be better prepared to take care of small issues with our future vehicles/equipment. He also seeks to train us to listen to the normal sound of a vehicle so we will be able to hear when something goes wrong. This has given me a basic introduction to the field of mechanics which has put me in good stead on several occasions.

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