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Jeremiah practices piano.

Jeremiah practices piano.

Music by: Jeremiah


While we have not always had instructors, we have attempted to take advantage of the instructors that were available. We have had two Piano instructors and both had unique styles. We do not claim to be accomplished musicians, the following are just a few of the things we have found to date in our studies.

Sarah enjoys the piano.

Sarah enjoys the piano.


We believe the primary purpose of music is to glorify God. To that end our primary purpose in learning an instrument is to be able to play hymns and Scripture portions. We also appreciate Classical, which adds greater skill requirements.

Jeremiah accompanies a friend.

Jeremiah accompanies a friend.


Hannon- technical exercises is the best place we have found for starting. (Hannon actually provides pre-scale finger exercises).


Well, none of us has made it quite far enough to sight read piano, but we are not finished yet.

Joanna practices her scales.

Joanna practices her scales.


I made it far enough in my own music studies to begin instruction of my siblings. All of my sisters have expressed enough interest that they are taking lessons.


As a family we enjoy music, particularly hymns. While none of us are accomplished musicians, we seek to make a joyful sound unto God, and keep it pleasant instead of just noise. Currently for instrument accompaniment Dad plays an autoharp, which has a fairly easy learning curve. Four of us have taken piano, but not to the point of accomplishment. We do have a selection of tapes and CD's, some with hymns, some with Scripture and some with classical. We do hope to complete our piano at some time, however, the older we get the more valuable our time seems to become making it more difficult to fit in things like music and art.


Hannah's piano recital.

Music by: Hannah

Music that truly honors God seems so hard to find at times; but every once in a while we do stumble upon a true gem. We love Music. I play just a little piano having received lessons first from an instructor and then from Jeremiah. Eph 5:19 says "singing and making melody in your heats to the Lord." Even those of us who, due to time, priorities or desire, do not play an instrument, can sing praises in our hearts to the Lord. I think that's the melody God likes best of all!

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