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Health: While not as important as mindset, your health can still play a major role in an emergency

Health and fitness

by: Jeremiah
Ammi - pushups

Ammi - pushups

Health: While not as important as mindset, your health can still play a major role in an emergency. Not only that, but health has a major impact on every area of your life even outside of emergencies. During an emergency, good health will not only multiply your chances of survival, it will greatly increase your comfort. With so many areas completely outside our control, we are left to focus on areas where we can make a difference. Health and fitness will show disproportionately large results for relatively little effort.

Returning to health, if you are on a prescription medication, what would happen if you had to do without it, even for one dose? At the very minimum you need to have an emergency supply on hand, even though that will mean paying for it out of pocket. For medication that expires be sure to rotate your emergency supply so it does not expire. It makes sense to me to seek to minimize dependence on any substance, particularly if it might prove difficult to get in an emergency.

Joanna on Trampoline

Joanna on Trampoline

The greater a persons physical health, the easier time they will have in an emergency. Why? What if you have to run a mile? Many medical conditions could make that difficult if not dangerous. Poor health is one more variable to add to the list. Every variable provides a potential point of failure. In the case of a pre-existing medical condition, it is already failing, we are just containing the failure. Obviously this will limit flexibility to meet other failures as an emergency progresses. Someone in good health does not have to spend as much of their time focusing on survival. They can work towards improving their environment, and they can also help others. This is at least something that you should think about.

Jeremiah and Nathanael work up produce

Jeremiah and Nathanael work up produce

Physical fitness: "No discipline for the moment seemeth pleasant..." Physical fitness is a logical extension of health. If you had to travel a mile and could not use a car, could you do it? How about ten miles? What if you had to travel a mile in 10 minutes to save the life of a loved one, would you make it? In America we tend to live very sedentary lives (well, I know I do). Exercise can do wonders for ailing health and overall weariness (actually exercise is the number one factor that determines your health). When starting an exercise program make sure to start slowly and work up, but do be faithful. This is the number one rule of exercise benefit, "do it faithfully" once you are faithfully exercising, then work on increasing your workout.

"A mile a day keeps the doctor away" - J.S.

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