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Evacuation Intro

Evacuation? Pick up and go.
Preparations for long duration emergencies forcing you from home.

Bible - don

Bible - don't leave home without it


In an evacuation we may need to leave quickly and travel quickly. We may be gone for any length of time. And fairly likely, we will need to provide all our basic needs. Do we need to prepare for the threat of evacuation? We'll look into that, as well as the steps involved. Evacuation preparations are totally based on our foundational preparations. For an evacuation we start with creating a plan. After that, we assembled camping gear for each family member. Then we practice with it on campouts. We try to keep things simple. Still, it has increased our confidence.


   "Evacuations are more common than many people realize. Hundreds of times each year, transportation and industrial accidents release harmful substances, forcing thousands of people to leave their homes. Fires and floods cause evacuations even more frequently. Almost every year, people along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts evacuate in the face of approaching hurricanes."
   Quoted from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA.gov

Is an evacuation likely? Are these preparations really valuable? Emergencies resulting in evacuation obviously are not common. While there are quite a few causes, many only affect specific locations. Also evacuation preparations are not as practical as home preparations in smaller emergencies. So, why would we put this effort into evacuation preparedness? Quite simply, we thought it was valuable. Considering the threats we have in our area, we saw a reasonable likelihood of evacuation. Few emergencies could be worse than an evacuation. If we can provide basic needs in an evacuation, few other emergencies will catch us unprepared. Many of these preparations are useful in other emergencies too. Some of the gear we take with us when we travel. If we were stuck away from home in a long emergency we would be prepared. The basic wilderness survival skills are very valuable to anyone who spends time outdoors. Most of our evacuation gear we also use when camping. Camping has provided our family with many fun opportunities. It has also improved our confidence. Our prayer is that we will never really need to use these preparations.




Evacuation preparations are part of our advanced preparedness. But it all really starts with the foundational preparations. They under gird all the others. In an evacuations our mindset will have a major impact on our success. How we care for our health and fitness now will affect our endurance. And Christian character and discipline are even more important. Really though, we are not prepared to live until we are prepared to die.


While home preparedness fits right into our life, evacuation preparation required some change. That's why we plan. It was a new area for us. When time is critical, a plan can help even more. We consider causes of evacuations and other factors. Then how should we prepare for departure. Travel includes how we will assemble if we are separated, whether before the emergency or when traveling. We also need a destination. We will consider some questions related to these topics.

Basic needs

For survival we have assembled 'emergency backpacks'. While making our plan we tried to consider many emergencies. Multiple events could make a locality unsafe. Regardless of the cause, our position will be the same. Namely, how to provide the basic necessities of life. When we can, we will use everything that is available. Not knowing which necessities we may lack, we try to prepare for all of them. Wilderness survival skills don't depend on anyone else. Another consideration is how we will carry our gear.


Craig's evacuation gear.


Campouts give us practice with our gear. This is when we try out what we have read. We stay fairly basic and try to keep things fun. Really, camping out is very similar to anything else our family does together - we train, and supervise and delegate. 


Without basic necessities we won't live long. The foundational preparations covered earlier, along with the plan, are the basis of our emergency evacuation preparedness. Gear and the backpacks we put together, hold a secondary position to these. The plan and practice help everyone stay calm, knowing what to do and when. In any situation panic is the worst option. This has been a good family project for us. There is still a tremendous amount to learn. There always will be in every field. We have given some time to this, because our lives might depend on it.

Become familiar with your tools.

Become familiar with your tools.

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