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Evacuation Gear by: Zechariah

Never overload someone

Never overload someone's pack.

The items we have for preparedness are tools. Their job is to help us accomplish our work easily and more quickly. So before deciding what tools were needed, we had to figure out what we needed them to be able to do and what requirements they had to meet. These were that they had to provide for our basic necessities and they had to be transportable in our packs. For these purposes, we designed our two types of packs, the one a full blown backpack, the other a small fannypack. The backpacks range in weight from 35 to 55lbs. for the adults, and for the children they vary drastically depending on the child's ability. The fannypacks, however, are all almost identical, weighing in at around 3lbs. The contents of the backpacks are adjusted to complement the skills of the individual who carries it. Therefore we only add gear to a child's pack when he learns the skills necessary to use it. This keeps small children's packs small so they are able to carry them.

Each person must know how to use each item in her fanny pack.

Each person must know how to use each item in her fanny pack.

Weight is a very important consideration when buying gear, the lighter the pack is, the faster you will be able to travel. However the lighter an item is the more it tends to cost, so it is important to evaluate how much weight loss is gained by the increase of price. There is only so much weight that any one person can carry, it varies from person to person but the weight must be kept under that limit. The quality and comfort of the pack itself also changes that limit so it is good to invest in a good quality backpack that really fits the individual.

Below is a list of the items that we carry in our packs. They were picked to meet our needs in the location and climate where we live. For other people, the list will probably vary and it does vary slightly even in our own family. Most of the items in the Group section are divided between us men, as we are able to carry more weight than the ladies. You may need to add specific items for family members who have special needs.

Spare set of clothing 
Category   Backpack Fannypack Group
Shelter   Clothes on you  
    Sleeping bag Space blanket  
  * Tent or Hammock Garbage bag  
    Poncho Garbage bag  
Tools   Lock back knife Lockback knife Sheath knife and multi-tool
      Tiny sharpening stone Sharpening stone
      Wire saw Hand or pocket saw
  * Flint & steel & tinder Matches / lighter  
  * LED flashlight Key chain LED light  
      Folding shovel & hatchet
Water   Canteen with cup Zip-lock bag Water bag
  * Small Water Purifier Iodine tablets Water purifier
      Solar still  
    Bandanna Bandanna  
Food   Dehydrated food Energy bar / Candy  
  * Vitamins    
    Fishing kit Sm. fishing kit  
  * Snare wire    
    Mess kit    
Books   Bible / NT Survival, wild edibles, first aid
    Checklists   Important docs and papers
Misc.     Signal Whistle Signal mirror
  * Rope Cord  
  * Compass, pencil and paper   Maps and radio
    First aid kit V. Sm. First aid kit Medical kit
    Hygiene kit    
        Pepper spray
    Sewing kit Needle and thread  
* Included in the large pack but not in the small pack.

A folding saw is a light weight tool.

A folding saw is a light weight tool.

More to be added later!

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