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Knowledge & skills are often our only supplies.

Knowledge & skills are often our only supplies.

Here we have long-term preparations for emergencies away from home. Certainly we will try to get back home if that is possible, however, that may not be an option. Being away from home makes us more vulnerable. Our goal is to meet our basic needs regardless of the situation. These are built entirely on top of the basic preparations. Often when traveling we will be away from our vehicle. All we will have will be survival skills and our ability to improvise. In the case of an evacuation we keep a plan and 'emergency backpacks' ready to go. If we are driving we can keep some of those packs in our vehicle. 

A simple blowing tube helps heat the fire.

A simple blowing tube helps heat the fire.


Traveling has some unique challenges, but it is air travel which will limit what we can take with us the most. Certainly when we are traveling we are vulnerable because we are in a strange place. In most emergencies we should be able to get what we need from people who are there. However we can't survive without the basics, so we try to prepare ourselves to provide each basic need. We will be dependent on our skills although we should also have our basic individual preparations. Planning is difficult because every trip will be different. However, before we travel we can take into consideration the locations we will visit. If we recognize any dangers or instability, we can take precautions accordingly. On the evacuation pages Zechariah wrote about some basic survival skills we practice as a family when we go camping. We have also prepared small basic survival kits which we carry in a fanny pack. These are small enough to be a minimal inconvenience in our baggage. Long travel emergencies will demand a lot of flexibility and creativity. Ultimately as in everything else, we need to trust God.


Evacuation gear

Evacuation gear

Some events could force us to leave our home. In the evacuation preparedness pages, we speak about how we try to improve survivability. Starting with planning, we tried to give ourselves some structure. This gives confidence. Also time may be very important. Next, we have assembled some specific basic camping gear in backpacks and fannypacks. In order to learn how to use these things and how to provide ourselves with basic necessities, we camp out as a family. Our intent being to make this a fun family activity while learning. The practice really helps confidence. Evacuation is probably one of the most frightening emergencies. We haven't practiced enough yet to gain proficiency. That comes with more campouts. But, as we get older we try new things.




Whenever we drive a long distance we try to keep some of our backpacks and fannypacks in the vehicle with us. Of course the basic vehicle preparations we have made will be very useful. In most cases they will be sufficient. We just want to have this gear with us if possible. It won't do any good at home. As I mention in the evacuation pages, we will try to use vehicles in an evacuation as well.

There is little more that can be added to our basic preparations. Really we need to make habits of the basic preparations and especially the foundational preparations. Don't do everything at once. Set your priorities first. Then start small.

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