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Read about survival skills.

Read about survival skills.

Advanced preparations are a continuation of the basic preparations. The main difference is that now we are trying to lengthen the time our preparations will be good: the time we will be able to provide for our basic needs. Things which could just wait a few days, can not be left for a longer time period. Thus this does include some major additional preparations. These longer situations are not very common, and we don't tend to give them much thought. Being larger emergencies, however, they have the potential to be far more dangerous than short-term events. By their effect on us, they can rightly be called disasters. The same preparations will take care of most of them. Long emergencies are not the only time we will use these preparations. Our family has already gained significant benefit from many of these 'advanced level' preparations. In addition to this, we've had fun while doing it.

Camping - good survival practice

Camping - good survival practice

Regardless of the emergency, we will be either at home or away from home. Specific preparations improve our capabilities in both cases. The types of preparations we make involve skills and habits but also the supplies and tools. In an emergency we will want these things ready so we prepare them ahead of time.


In long emergencies we hope to remain at home. Most of our long preparations fit into our life. They're a part of our home. Really we are just adding to our basic preparations. As we work toward a longer time frame, we add equipment and supplies. Some of the equipment is major. Keeping supplies of necessities like food and fuel requires some habits. We need to rotate our supplies. We also needs skills like basic carpentry, which happens to be a basic preparation. Of the long term preparations, home preparations have proven to be the most useful in small emergencies. Certainly not all these are needed by everyone. However, they have their benefits.

Emergency backpack supplies.

Emergency backpack supplies.

Away from home

Most of our supplies are at home, so we will be much more vulnerable away from it. When we are traveling, most emergencies will only need the basic preparations. Still, we may be caught away from home or forced to evacuate. Both situations could force us to provide ourselves with basic needs. And we don't know how long these emergencies may last. Preparing for an emergency away from home has been the first real change for us. It is further removed from our usual life than any home preparations. This is a new field. Also, it is probably the most frightening emergency. So we have tried to be make a plan to give ourselves some structure. Confidence is our goal. Traveling differs every time so we don't have a strict plan for it. We have prepared small versatile survival kits we pack into fanny packs. These are easy to take with us even when travel space is limited. For the event of an evacuation, we have made a plan. To be the most practical we want it simple and flexible. For equipment, we prepared some basic camping gear for each member of the family. This is kept ready in what we call our emergency backpacks. These improve our ability to provide our basic needs: food, water and warmth. We have found camping trips a fun way to practice with our gear and learn basic wilderness survival skills.

Have a flexible plan

Have a flexible plan

To conclude, we have tried to improve our level of preparedness. Our goal is to survive as comfortably as possible in a long emergency. We use most of our preparedness items on a regular basis, although a few like our fanny packs are for specific situations. If something big actually happens we will be able to cope with it better. Until then, our preparations sure make life easier! Just remember you can't prepare for every possible disaster. Prepare to the best of your ability so that you can provide for your family. God is worthy of our trust! So lets start trusting Him now.

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