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Why This site?

Half the family with backpacks

Half the family with backpacks

For many years we have had a heart to encourage others, particularly those of the household of faith. Being quite detail oriented, we always thought we would expand our efforts in this line 'some day'. Well, in late 2006, God decided that 'some day' was today.

We were approached by a 'No Greater Joy' staff member to provide some information on what we have learned about family preparedness. As the details solidified we realized that it would not be possible to cover all the needed areas in one interview or even one magazine issue. So we began preparations to accumulate the needed information for families just beginning to look at the preparedness issue. We quickly realized that such a website would be very imbalanced,

The other half the family with backpacks

The other half the family with backpacks

so it grew to include preparedness in the context of a well balanced life. (We also saw that we could use this resource to meat our other goal, to provide encouragement to other families.) Now that is a huge topic, and with only three months to work - amid other responsibilities - it was daunting. Yet we have prayerfully tackled the site one article at a time - everyone pitching in to produce an auto-biographical scrapbook of one family's adventure in life. We hope you enjoy the results.

We plan to include resource and gear recommendations as well as some e-courses. Throughout you will find tips to help you make the most of your valuable time and money. Please be patient with us as we expand the site over the next year. Come back often to check out our progress.

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