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Back row: Zechariah, Jeremiah, Nathanael
Mid row: Caleb, Sarah, Julia
Front row: Ammi, Hannah, Joanna

Welcome to Practical Legacy

This site provides a brief introduction to our family and some of the things we do. Please take a look around, as of March, 2008 the site is online, most articles are written. We do hope to increase the amount of content on the site. We hope you profit from your visit, and return. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email us, we will try to respond.

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Fun and Games indoors
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Child Training
Service Opportunities
Basic Academics
Planning and Goal-setting

Growth - Self Directed Studies
Growth - Specialized Training
Growth - Business
Growth - Tech jobs without a College education
Growth - Work Testimony - Jeremiah

Faith - Family Bible Time
Faith - Personal Bible Time
Faith - Scripture Memorization
Faith - Prayer

Growth - Introduction
Introduction - A legacy
Faith - Introduction
Resources - 2 Free patterns
Preparedness ( lots of pictures in each article)
Basics - Introduction

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